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RV Storage

Outdoor Recreation Service Center Hours of Operation

Storage space for your recreational vehicles in both Aberdeen and Edgewood Areas with 24/7 access.

Aberdeen Area:

  • RV Lot 1 (Swan Creek) - 6627 Aerospace Rd., off of Bayonet Rd.
  • RV Lot 2 (Crozier) - Crozier Loop, off of Rodman Rd.
  • RV Lot 3 (Gadsden) - Hancock Rd., off of Aberdeen Blvd.

Edgewood Area:

  • RV Lot 4 (Caldwader) - Caldwader Drive, off of 20th Street

Fees: (monthly per vehicle)
All prices subject to change.

All Eligible Patrons  
(Check AR 215-1 for eligibility)
20 Feet and under $45
21 to 30 Feet $55
31 Feet and above $65

Who May Apply
All patrons must possess a valid Military identification card and must be the titled owner of any recreational vehicle being stored. Patrons will be responsible for all personal equipment and activity property damaged caused by themselves, family members and/or their vehicle.

RV Storage Registration and SOP Policies (pdf)
See above checklist for a list of what you need to re-register.

Auto-Debit Form (pdf)

Register by email at: Ensure all documents listed in checklist are attached to the email. Please allow 72 hours for these applications to process. If applicant is Active Duty, Civilian, and Contractor and wishes to re-register via email they will need to use a verifiable government email address to re-register for proof of eligibility. 

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