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Recreation Central - Hours of Operation

APG's current Mask Policy & COVID-19 Information. Please read and follow the guidance.

ALL REGISTERED MARINA PATRONS: Pier A and Pier B on APG-North is open to registered patrons. Pier C remains off-limits.

Convenient and affordable boat storage on the beautiful Chesapeake Bay to all eligible patrons.
Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) was established in 1917 and consists of approximately 70,000 acres. This encompasses approximately 39,000 acres of land and approximately 40,000 acres of tidal waters. APG is located along the upper Chesapeake Bay shorelines in Harford County and portions of Baltimore County.

Boat Owners: Hurricane Preparation Instructions

NOTE: All prices subject to change.

  • Boaters must be with immediate family members or people with which they reside.
  • Boats must be distanced from each other by at least 10 feet and are prohibited from rafting up, beaching, or having rendezvous events.
  • Vessel and boat races remain prohibited.
  • All normal boating rules and regulations are in effect and must be followed.
Boat Storage Registration & Fees

Marina Storage Registration and SOP Policies (pdf)
ODR registration period is from Jan-Dec. Call or email to find out availability.

Register by email at: Ensure all documents listed in checklist are attached to the email. Please allow 72 hours for these applications to process. If applicant is Active Duty, Civilian, and Contractor and wishes to re-register via email they will need to use a verifiable government email to re-register for proof of eligibility.

Please note that there will be no more seasonal rates, or seasons. You will only pay for the services you want when you want them.

You are required to let MWR know when you want certain services.

Fees & Rates (per foot, per month):
Outdoor $2 per foot
Indoor $2.50 per foot
Water Slip $3.50 per foot
Haul Out/ Launch: $1.25 per foot

Spesutie Island Marina - Aberdeen Area

Features: Boat storage services: slips, on-site trailer lot and boat ramp

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  • Outdoor Parking: Located off of Susquehanna Road.
  • Water Slip: Located at Spesuite Island Road.
  • Mooring: Located at the marina.
  • Boat Launch: Located at the Marina.

Directions to the Spesutie Island Marina, Slips, Outdoor Parking Lot and Boat Launch:

  1. Take Maryland Blvd to Aberdeen Blvd

  2. Keep straight down Aberdeen Blvd

  3. Bear left to Logs Corner Road

  4. Follow circle to Plum Point Road

  5. Go to the end and turn right on Spesutie Island Road

  6. Outdoor Parking lot is the first right

  7. Marina is on the left

Gunpowder Neck Marina - Edgewood Area

Features: Boat storage services: slips, berm, warehouse, boat ramp, daily parking, boat lift, and marina fuel services

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Directions to the Gunpowder Neck Marina, Slips and Outdoor Parking Lot: 

  1. Take 24 Gate

  2. First left on Magnolia Road

  3. Left onto Bush River Road

  4. Left on 20th Street

  5. Last 2 warehouses on the left (Bldg 2168 and 2170)

  6. Keep straight into the Marina Slips and Outdoor Storage

Directions to Indoor Storage (Bldg E5915):

  1. Take 24 Gate

  2. First right on Magnolia Road

  3. Left on Stokes Road

  4. Right on 40th Street

  5. Right on Atkinson Road

  6. Left on Lagoon Road

  7. Last warehouse on the right

APG Boat Ramps

Attention Spesutie Island Marina Launch Ramp Patrons: Please note the local tide schedule for your launch, as returning at low tide may cause loading challenges because of sand buildup under the water line. Use Ramps at your own risk.

There are two MWR launches. The ramps may be used from dawn to dusk. Boat ramp passes expire on December 31 of the same year sold.

In order to use APG Boat Ramps:

  1. Take the Boaters Orientation Course (see below) and print the certificate.

  2. Bring to the Outdoor Recreation Service Center:

    • Boaters Orientation Course Certificate

    • Your Proof of Eligibility

    • Your Boat's ID Card

    • Your Trailer's Registration

  3. You will then receive a Boat Launch Pass.

Directions to Gunpowder River T-Dock (Edgewood) Boat Launch:

  1. 24 Gate to Hoadley Road

  2. Follow up to Boat Ramp on Right (quarter mile past 4-way stop sign. If you get to the Security Gate you've gone too far.

Official Maryland Boating Safety Course Online

Official Maryland Boating Safety Course Online - Anyone born on or after July 1, 1972, must have a Certificate of Boating Safety Education to operate a boat or personal watercraft (PWC). Those under age 16 who are operating a motorized boat 11 feet or more, and do not have a valid Certificate of Boating Safety Education must be supervised by someone at least 18. Those younger than 16 may not operate a PWC, even with a certificate.

Fishing at APG

Fishing from a military boat dock or bridge is prohibited.

State Fishing Licenses are required for all ages 16 and older. State fishing licenses are not sold at APG.

Recreational Fishing

  • Recreational fishing at Aberdeen Proving is regulated by APGR 210-26.
  • All persons must have a valid MD State fishing license.
  • Recreational fishing is fishing and crabbing from shore and waters of APG.
  • There is an advisory not to eat the fish caught in the APG South (Edgewood) Area.
  • Most Maryland anglers and spear fishers will need to be registered to fish for anatropous species in tidal waters or for any fish in Federal waters.

Secure Area Fishing
APG Boaters Guide Brochure

  • Secure area fishing at Aberdeen Proving Ground is regulated by APGR 210-26.
  • Permits are sold at Recreation Central, Bldg 3326, phone: 410-278-4124 / 2621 / 4011.
  • All persons must have the following:
    • Valid MD State Fishing License
    • Security badge with photo for access into secure areas. (This type of fishing takes place in secure areas). Only those individuals possessing a badge can participate in this activity, no guests are allowed.
  • Permits are valid from Jan 1 through Dec 31.
  • Fee: $10
  • Secure Area Drawing Process
    1. Individual will fill out card (Form 46), for date(s) they would like to fish and list the area they would like to fish at least one day prior.
    2. Take card to Equipment Checkout, Bldg 2184, or Email this  document to:
    3. ODR Personnel will list all individuals on form by areas requested.
    4. Cards and area access badges are left in the box on the side of Building 2184 for pick-up.
    5. Cards/badges are to be returned after fishing is completed each day.

Commercial Fishing

  • Commercial Fishing at Aberdeen Proving Ground is regulated by APGR 210-10.
  • Permits are sold at Recreation Central, Bldg 3326.
  • All persons must have the following:
  • Permits are valid from Sep 1 through Aug 31.
  • Fee: $130
  • APG boundaries can be traced on Coast and Geodetic Chart No. 1226.

Atkission Dam Permits

  • $10 Activity Fee

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