Auto Crafts Center


Harford Boulevard, APG North
Bldg 2379
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WiFi Available

Handicap Accessible

+1 (410) 278-5178

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The Auto Craft Center is a self-help facility that has

  • 9 hydraulic lift bays
  • 4 general flat bays
  • 3 body shop bays
  • tire change station bay
  • wheel alignment bay
  • paint room bay


There are knowledgeable personnel available for technical assistance. We offer a clean, safe, and earth-friendly environment to repair and perform maintenance on your privately-owned vehicles and equipment. General tools and some specialty tools are also available. You do the work – we ensure quality standards are met.

Qualification cards are accepted from other military installations or, ask our Auto Craft staff about getting your APG card.

You can:

  • use our OBD II scanner to scan your vehicles for emission failure codes
  • have your rotors/drums turned for you on our brake lathe
  • use our tire changers to mount tires... including low profile tires
  • use our computer wheel balancer
  • use our wheel alignment system
  • rent our car tow dolly
  • use our state of the art ALLDATA Repair® internet maintenance manual library
  • access the Chilton® Library online auto repair database.
  • and much more!
Basic Equipment Rental Fees

$2 off bay fees for Active Duty and Immediate Family

Item Price
General Bay $8 per hr, per vehicle
Lift Bay $10 per hr, per vehicle
Computer Wheel Balancer (weights included) $8 per tire
Tire Changer (regular) $5 per tire
Tire Changer (low profile) $9 per tire
Paint Booth $15 per hr or $55 per day
Battery Charger $5 per use
Brake Lathe $12 per rotor/drum
Hydraulic Press $4 per use
Glass Beading $10 per 30 min.
Welding $10 per 30 min.
Check Engine Light Diagnostic $7 per vehicle
Wet/Dry Vacuum $2 per use
Waste Oil Disposal Fee $1 per gal/oil fill
Motorcycle Portable Lift $5 per hour
Car Dolly with 2" Tow Ball $8 per hr or $40 per day
Wheel Alignment $70 per vehicle
Vehicle Storage (outside of building) $7 per day

All prices subject to change.

Long Term Storage Fees

1st Month: $80   •   2nd Month: $90   •   3rd Month: $100

After the 3rd month, fees will be $120 per month, up to a maximum of 6 months. After that, if owner does not pay, fees become delinquent and vehicles will be considered abandoned and reported to APG law enforcement, and will be towed at owner's expense.