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Fitness Facilities

Location: AA Athletic Center (Hoyle and the 320 Fitness Center remain closed.)
Hours: 5-9 a.m. & 1-4 p.m.
Maximum Occupancy: 140 (monitored by MWR staff).

To ensure ongoing readiness for APG Service Members, the Aberdeen Athletic Center on APG North (Aberdeen) has reopened for Service Members Only. 

All Service Members will be required to sign in and sign out of the facility digitally with their CACs. Any Service Member that is not actively conducting physical training will be directed to leave the facility in order to allow another Service Member to enter into the facility.

The following uniform requirements are in place:

  • OCP or APFU (required)
  • Common Access Card (required)
  • Personal Towel (required)
  • Face Covering (required)
  • Water Source (optional)
  • Small Bag for Equipment (optional)
  • Weight Gloves (not authorized for use)

Prior to admission, those entering the gym will be required to present identification, wash their hands and answer a series of screening questions, similar to those asked upon admission to the installation commissary. Entrances and exits will be one-way. Locker rooms, showers, saunas and water fountains will all be closed.

Equipment that is controlled or requires through cleaning will be signed in/out for use. All treadmills and SPARs will not be in use and cardio workouts will be done outside of the facility. Stationary bikes and rowers are operational and will require the use of face coverings. Equipment has been properly spaced to support physical distancing and will not be moved. There are an abundance of visual signs identifying proper distancing, cleaning of equipment before/after use, and equipment usage enforcing distancing measures. Unit leadership will be charged with enforcing these standards. Any Service Member that does not follow these standards will be directed to leave the facility, unit CSM/SGM will be notified, and they will lose their fitness center privilege.

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